New Resources added: Bibliography entries

RIN member Paul Barnaby, of the Walter Scott Digital Archive, had made the following suggestions for the RIN bibliography, which I’ve now added:

Garside, Peter. ‘Illustrating the Waverley Novels: Scott, Scotland, and the London Print Trade, 1819-1836’, The Library, 11 (2010), 168-96.

Garside, Peter. ‘Print Illustrations and the Cultural Materialism of Scott’s Waverley Novels’, in British Literature and Print Culture, ed. Sandro Jung (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2013), pp. 125-57.

(This essay collection also has a chapter by Sandro Jung on illustrations of Thomson’s The Seasons in the 1790s.)

Hill, Richard. ‘The Illustration of the Waverley Novels: Scott and Popular Illustrated Fiction’, Scottish Literary Review, 1.1 (2009), 69-88.

Hill, Richard. Picturing Scotland through the Waverley Novels: Walter Scott and the Origins of the Victorian Illustrated Novel. (Farnham: Ashgate, 2010)

Westover, Paul. ‘Illustration, Historicism, and Travel: The Legacy of Sir Walter Scott’, in Necromanticism: Traveling to Meet the Dead, 1750-1860 (Basingstoke; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), pp. 142-73.

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New Resource Added: Walter Scott Illustrations

The following resources were suggested by Paul Barnaby, Project Officer for the Walter Scott Digital Archive, which draws upon the collections of Edinburgh University Library.

1) Walter Scott Image Collection (Paul Barnaby):

This is an image library of just over 1000 illustrations to the works of Walter Scott and other Scott-related publications. It is part of a larger site, the Walter Scott Digital Archive.

2) Illustrating Scott: A Database of Printed Illustrations to the Waverley Novels, 1814-1901 (Peter Garside and Ruth McAdams):