Measure for Measure – Act V, Scene I

Act V, Scene I

Painted by Thos. Kirk
Engraved by I. P. Simon

‘Duke in a Friar’s habit, Various Lords, Angelo, Escalus, Lucio, and Citizens, Isabella, Peter, Mariana, Provost, &c.’

Escal. Such a fellow is not to be talk’d withal: Away with / him to prison: — Where is the provost? away with him to / prison, lay bolts enough upon him: let him speak no more: – / away with those giglots too, and with the other confederate / companion [The Provost lays hands on the Duke.

Duke. Stay, sir, stay a while.

Ang. What! resists he? Help him, Lucio.

Lucio. Come, sir; come, sir; come, sir; foh, sir: Why / you bald-pated, lying rascal! you must be hooded, must you? / show your knave’s visage, with a pox to you! show your / sheep-biting face, and be hang’d an hour! Will’s not off? [Pulls off the friar’s hood, and discovers the Duke.

Duke. Thou art the first knave that e’er made a duke: — / First, provost, let me bail these gentle three: — / Sneak not away, sir; [to Lucio] for the friar and you / Must have a word anon. Lay hold on him.

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