Comedy of Errors – Act V, Scene I

Act V, Scene I

Painted by I. F. Rigaud RA.
Engraved by C. G. Playter.

‘A street before the Priory. Merchant, Angelo, Lady Abbess, Adriana, &c.’

Abb. Most mighty duke, behold a man much wrong’d. [All gather to see him.]

Adr. I see two husbands, or mine eyes deceive me.

Duke. One of those men is Genius to the other. / And so of these: which is the natural man, / And which the spirit? who deciphers them?

Dro.S. I, sir, am Dromio; command him away.

Dro.E. I, sir, am Dromio; pray, let me stay.

Ant.S. Ageon, art thou not? or else his ghost?

Dro.S. O, my old master! who hath bound him here?

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