Merry Wives of Windsor – Act I, Scene I

Act I, Scene I

Painted by R. Smirke
Engraved by I. P. Simon

Anne. Will’t please your worship to come in, sir?

Slen. No. I thank you forsooth heartily: I am very well.

Anne. The dinner attends you, sir.

Slen. I am not a hungry. I think you forsooth: — Go, / sirrah, for all you are my man, go, wait upon my / cousin Shallow. (Exit Simple). A justice of peace sometime / may be beholden to his friend for a man. I keep but / three men and a boy yet, till my mother be dead: / But what though? yes I live like a poor gentleman born.

Anne. I may not go in without your worship: they will / not sit, till you come.

Slen. I’faith, I’ll eat nothing: I thank you as much as though I did.

Anne. I pray you, sir, walk in.

Slen. I had rather walk here, I thank you:

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