As You Like It – Act IV, Scene III

Act IV, Scene III

Painted by Raphael West
Engraved by W. C. Wilson

A forest. Orlando and Oliver.

Oli. Under an oak, whose boughs were moss’d with age, / And high top bald with dry antiquity, / A wretched ragged man, o’ergrown with hair, / Lay sleeping on his back: about his neck / A green and gilded snake had wreath’d itself. / Who with her head, nimble in threats, approach’d / The opening of his mouth; but suddenly / Seeing Orlando, it unlink’d itself. / And with indented glides did slip away / Into a bush: under which bush’s shade / A lioness, with udders all drawn dry, / Lay couching, head on ground, with cat like watch, / When that the sleeping man should stir.

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