King Henry the Sixth Part III – Act V, Scene VII

Act V, Scene VII

Painted by J. Northcote R.A.
Engraved by J. R. Michel

K.Edw. Come hither, Bess, & let me kiss my boy.
[Taking the Child.
Young Ned, for thee, thine uncles and myself / Have in our armours watch’d the winter’s night; / Went all afoot in summer’s scalding heat, / That thou might’st repossess the crown in peace; / And of our labours thou shalt reap the gain.

Glo. I’ll blast his harvest, if your head were laid; / For yet I am not look’d on in the world. / This shoulder was ordain’d so thick, to heave; / And heave it shall some weight, or break my back: / Work thou the way, and thou shalt execute.

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