King Henry the Eighth – Act V, Scene IV

Act V, Scene IV

Painted by the Revd. W. Peters
Engraved by J. Collyer

‘The Palace. Aldermen, Lord Mayor, Garter, Cranmer, Duke of Norfolk with his marshal’s Staff, Duke of Suffolk, Dutchess of Norfolk & Marchioness of Dorset, God Mothers, &c &c’

Cran. Let me speak, sir, / For Heaven now bids me; and the words I utter / Let none think flattery, for they’ll find them truth. / This royal infant (Heaven still move about her!) / Though in her cradle, yet now promises / Upon this land a thousand thousand blessings, / Which time shall bring to ripeness: she shall be / (But few now living can behold that goodness) / A pattern to all princes living with her, / And all that shall succeed.

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