Coriolanus – Act V, Scene III

Act V, Scene III

Painted by G. Hamilton
Engraved by J. Caldwell

‘Coriolanus, Ausidius, Vergilia, Volumnia, Young Marcius, Valeria, and Attendants.’

Vol. Say, my request’s unjust, / And spurn me back: But, if it be not so, / Thou art not honest; and the gods will plague thee, / That thou restrain’st from me the duty, which / To a mother’s part belongs. – He turns away: / Down ladies; let us shame him with our knees, / To his surname Coriolanus ‘longs more pride, / Than pity to our prayers. – Down: An end; / This is the last: – So we will home to Rome, / And die among our neighbours. – Nay, behold us: / This boy, that cannot tell what he would have, / But kneels, and holds up hands, for fellowship, / Does reason our petition with more strength / Than thou hast to deny ‘t. – Come, let us go:

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