CfP Reminder

RIN members, readers and fellow travellers who are interested in the techniques and process of printing are reminded of two upcoming events, both organised by member Elizabeth Savage of the Institute of English Studies.

Registration is still open for Blocks Plates Stones, to be held at the Courtauld Institute on Thursday, 21 September. The day-long symposium will examine how woodblocks, plates and lithographic stones can be used in print-related research. Registration is £45 standard or £16 with concessions (or £60/£30 for those who wish to attend the evening reception at the British Academy).

The deadline for submissions for papers for Printing Colour 1700-1830, is 1 October. The conference will be held on April 10-11, with an object session on April 12. Transport and accommodation will be funded for all speakers, regardless of where they are based.


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