New Romantic Circles Praxis Volume: Romantic Visualities

Dear colleagues,

Romantic Circles is very pleased to announce a new Romantic Circles Praxis
volume, Romantic Visualities, edited by Theresa M. Kelley and Jill H.

This volume is dedicated to both excavating the Romantic genealogies of
visuality and charting directions for the ways in which the study of
Romantic visual culture may redraw the geographic, temporal, and
disciplinary bounds of Romanticism, bringing diverse, and in some instances
new, objects and their ethical, political, and aesthetic stakes into view.
The essays investigate three broad inquiries: 1) technologies of vision and
objectivity’s slippages; 2) the indigenous or transplanted fruits of
visuality’s New World Genealogies and 3) the role of proto-photography,
panopticism, and slavery in the spectral formation of Romantic visuality.
Emphasizing the ways we interpret visuality in romantic culture, the volume
invites reconsideration of media, practices, and discourses that would seem
to belong to earlier and later periods—from the artifacts and modes of
viewing attached to curiosity and to technologies and ways of imaging and
imagining that have become aligned with photography and the digital. The
volume includes an editor’s  introduction by Theresa M. Kelley and Jill H.
Casid, with essays by Sophie Thomas, Marcus Wood, Matthew Francis Rarey,
Kay Dian Kriz,, and Lucy Kamiko Hawkinson Traverse.

Steve Jones
General Editor, Romantic Circles

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