Seminar ‘Early popular visual culture: dissemination networks and image traditions, 1700-1914’.

An invitation from Dr. Jeroen Salman,
Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University:

Seminar:  ‘Early popular visual culture: dissemination networks and image traditions, 1700-1914’.

Location and date
Bijzondere Collecties UvA,  Turfmarkt 129, 1012 GC, Amsterdam, Van Leerzaal
Friday 26 September, 9.30 until 16.30


Information and registration
Dafna Ruppin                (

This seminar is about  image traditions in print and film culture as well as on the infrastructure, that is the production, distribution and reception, behind popular media such as penny prints, photographs and early movies (from the 18th until the 20th century).  The leading questions are: In what way did images of narratives, fictional heroes, national identities and colonial cultures change over time, and how was this influenced by the context in which these images were produced?  Who was responsible for the publication and production of these texts and images and what were their motives? What were the networks behind the production and distribution and how functioned the reception (reading, using, reviewing) of this material?

This seminar is a joint collaboration between two Utrecht projects: ‘Popularisation and Media Strategies (1700-1900)’ lead by Jeroen Salman and ‘The Nation and Its Other: The Emergence of Modern Popular Imagery and Representations’ lead by Frank Kessler. These projects are financed by NWO and part of the Cultural Dynamics research program.

The program of the seminar comprises keynote lectures by John Plunkett (Exeter) and Alexandra Franklin (Oxford) and lectures by the members of the two research groups: Frank Kessler, Sarah Dellmann, Dafna Ruppin, Jeroen Salman and Talitha Verheij.

Besides scholars in the field, we also invite research master students and PhD-students to participate (they will receive credits for it: 1 ECTS). The students have to prepare for this seminar by reading articles, formulating questions and handing in an abstract of a recent paper/thesis.

During lunch time the participants will be offered  a guided tour through the exhibition ‘Sterke verhalen’ (‘Tall tales’).

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